Thursday, December 3, 2009

Re: Harper Soiling Canada's International Name

I received this reply from Jack Layton of the NDP:

Thank you for your previous email regarding the upcoming UN climate
change summit in Copenhagen.

With the world beginning to focus their attention on Canada's lack of
action on climate change, the Conservative government continues to make
it up as they go along. To make matters worse, Environment Minister
Prentice announced that Canadians and the rest of the world would have
to wait well into 2010 before he reveals domestic climate change
regulations. You can read more about this matter here.
. The bottom line is if we don't step up, we'll face trade sanctions
abroad and mounting costs at home.

For our part, New Democrats continue to push the federal government to
establish regulations for Canada's greenhouse gases and to take a
leadership role at the UN Copenhagen climate change summit. Our efforts
to advance Bill C-311, the New Democrat Climate Change Accountability
Act also received a major setback due to the combined forces of
Conservative and Liberal MPs who voted to delay the legislation.

Bill C-311, with tough, science-based reduction targets for our
greenhouse gases, offered Canada a real chance to prove to the world
that it is serious about tackling climate change. Its passage by
Parliament would have given Canada the credibility it sorely needs when
it goes to the UN Copenhagen Conference. Now, Canada will go to
Copenhagen with nothing to offer.

We will make every effort to return C-311 to Parliament. Also, New
Democrat Environment critic Linda Duncan and I look forward to having
the opportunity to advance our Party`s environmental policies at the
Copenhagen summit.

The decision by Liberal MPs to join with the Conservatives to deny
passage of this important legislation made one thing clear: more votes
for the Conservatives and Liberals will mean less tangible action to
protect our environment.

Others agree with our assessment:

"To date, Liberal environmental policies are indistinguishable from
those of the Conservative government that have pushed Canada to last
place among developed nations in protecting climate and the natural
environment." - Stephen Hazell, Executive Director, Sierra Club Canada
on September 21, 2009.

"This Bill (C-311) has wide support from a broad spectrum of Canadians.
Politicians need to set aside their partisan differences and agree on
these science-based emissions reduction targets. Time is running out." -
Mark Fried, policy coordinator, Oxfam Canada on October 21, 2009.

"Passing this Bill (C-311) before Copenhagen in December is Parliament's
only hope of proving that we are prepared to work seriously through the
United Nations to find a solution to global warming. The Liberals voting
with the Conservatives may have made that impossible." - Dale Marshall,
David Suzuki Foundation on October 21, 2009.

Looking forward, you can continue to count on our team of New Democrat
MPs to push our plan to take on big polluters, protect our environment,
and invest in sustainable solutions. I invite you to check the following
link to learn more about our work:

Again, thank you for letting me know of your interest to fight climate
change. Feel free to share my response to anyone interested in
environmental protection. All the best."


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada's New Democrats

I now await response from the conservatives and liberals...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Harper Soiling Canada's International Name

Mr. Harper,

What the hell are you doing to Canada's international good name?! I have heard several reports, from the interview on Quirks and Quarks with Dr. Tim Flannery on Nov 21 to a recent article in London's Guardian newspaper, decrying Canada's abysmal failing when it comes to tackling climate change. They now claim that it will be Canada's failings that doom the international talks in Copenhagen this fall. I will blame you and lackey-of-the-oil-barons and member for Calgary-Centre Jim Prentice for dragging everything Canada has stood for in the past 50 years down the toilet, if this comes to pass.

Climate change is real! The intense greed that has driven the oil companies in Alberta is obviously all your government thinks upon when it comes to the environment and you have failed time and again to address it.

If I hear one more tu toque argument blaming the liberals for dropping the ball I will scream! You are in power now! The Canadian People, in their complete LACK of wisdom have you put you there and you are floundering upon the rocks of indecision and indifference when it comes to Canada's international commitments.

When will you wise up? I suspect never, but losing an election is a good start.

I am incensed to hear Canada's name befouled by your complete incompetence. Do something to fix this, or the Canadian people will let you know how they feel about it come the next election.


Michael Kruse