Sunday, June 28, 2009

Queer Refugee plea

To the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Ankara:

This letter concerns the cases of Roodabeh (File Number 385-08C00917) and Ali (File Number 385-08C01577). Roodabeh and Ali completed their legal interviews several months ago and are currently awaiting the commissioner’s decision. As a supporter of queer Iranians I urge the acceptance of their applications for refugee status as vulnerable cases, as there is every reason to expect that their lives may depend upon it.

I am concerned about their physical and emotional state in Turkey, and urge you to bring them relief from their formidable living conditions, which include unsanitary housing, lack of medical supplies, and an inability to secure daily living expenses. Roodabeh and Ali are particularly affected because they are in an extremely difficult situation and require urgent assistance.

I realize you have many refugee applicants to whom you must respond. However, due to the urgent circumstances facing queer refugees particularly, I urge you to assist Roodabeh and Ali and grant them refugee status as soon as possible.

Your timely, informed and sensitive treatment of this case is greatly appreciated.


Michael Kruse

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