Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Harper Soiling Canada's International Name

Mr. Harper,

What the hell are you doing to Canada's international good name?! I have heard several reports, from the interview on Quirks and Quarks with Dr. Tim Flannery on Nov 21 to a recent article in London's Guardian newspaper, decrying Canada's abysmal failing when it comes to tackling climate change. They now claim that it will be Canada's failings that doom the international talks in Copenhagen this fall. I will blame you and lackey-of-the-oil-barons and member for Calgary-Centre Jim Prentice for dragging everything Canada has stood for in the past 50 years down the toilet, if this comes to pass.

Climate change is real! The intense greed that has driven the oil companies in Alberta is obviously all your government thinks upon when it comes to the environment and you have failed time and again to address it.

If I hear one more tu toque argument blaming the liberals for dropping the ball I will scream! You are in power now! The Canadian People, in their complete LACK of wisdom have you put you there and you are floundering upon the rocks of indecision and indifference when it comes to Canada's international commitments.

When will you wise up? I suspect never, but losing an election is a good start.

I am incensed to hear Canada's name befouled by your complete incompetence. Do something to fix this, or the Canadian people will let you know how they feel about it come the next election.


Michael Kruse


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