Thursday, January 14, 2010

Re: MP's Please Show up for Work

I Received this reply from Jack Layton about prorogation:

Thank you for your previous message about Stephen Harper`s decision to
close down Parliament. New Democrats also share the outrage and
disappointment that you and many other Canadians have expressed about
this suspension of Parliament.

I have called on Prime Minister Harper to re-convene Parliament on
January 25. If he agrees, our Party will accept the re-instatement of
all pending legislation before prorogation - a common practice used in
past Parliaments. That said, we would continue to vote for or against
these Bills, based on whether they are good for Canada and Canadians.

I have also been clear that the work of the NDP caucus will not stop as
a result of Mr. Harper`s decision. We are going ahead with our January
18 winter strategy meeting and New Democrat MPs will be:

- participating in the January 23 protest rallies organized by citizens
across Canada
- returning to Ottawa on January 25 to hold our regular Caucus meeting
- working on parliamentary reform proposals including measures to ensure
that prorogation cannot be misused again
- holding the government's feet to the fire on the economy, climate
change, the war in Afghanistan, retirement security, and consumer

Parliament has vital work to do. Canadians can't prorogue their credit
card bills, their pension shortfalls, their unemployment, or their
worries about the future. We think MPs should be working on these issues
and representing the priorities of their constituents and communities in
the annual pre-budget work.

Again, I appreciate your desire to stand up for democracy. Feel free to
pass along my message to anyone who may be interested. All the best.


Jack Layton, MP (Toronto-Danforth)
Leader, Canada's New Democrats

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Anonymous said...

Jack Layton helped Harper to power in the first place in 2006 when the two agreed to split Liberals to the left and right, which obviously only works to the Conservative Party's favour.

During the 2006 campaign, Layton did not have a single ad or policy statement criticizing Stephen Harper.

Layton's party also pressed for the bogus inquiry into Ralph Goodale (which was thrown out a few months later) in mid-campaign to further boost Harper's chances.

The only "work" Layton, that opportunistic and cheap politician should be doing is atoning for his sins that he has heaped on to the Canadian people.