Friday, September 26, 2008

Financial Stability in the Arts

I was further outraged this week by our illustrious Prime Minister's comments about ordinary people not be interested in the arts. I was especially thrilled to learn that we all attend elite red carpet gala's paid for by the tax payer - that's what that trip to McDonald's was last week...

In response to this I have created a survey on Survey Monkey to gather some informal data on financial security in the arts. I will hope to get about 1000 entries and post the data on this blog. Maybe I am crazy but the survey is only 10 questions. I will do future ones concerning grants but this one I think will give me a base line. Yes, the sampling is not random and keeps out people without tech savvy or access to the Internet but it is a start.

If you work in the arts or know someone who does please check out the survey:

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