Monday, September 29, 2008

More Articles about the Fallout of Harper`s Comments

This was sent to me by a friend:

1. Margaret Atwood's thoughts on the arts in Canada.

2. Here is a brilliant letter as sent to,,

Dear Mr. Harper,
I have made my living as an actress for over 40 years - had kids, have a mortgage, pay taxes. I have always been proud of my job, and honoured to be part of the entertainment industry. I had not realised I was part of the hundreds and thousands of "government-backed whiners". I hadn't realised how insidious we are.

To my and your horror, one of your ads has music - composed by a government-backed whiner? Did an art director choose the location to shoot in, the colour of your clothes, did a director shoot the commercial? Was a cameraperson involved? More government-backed whiners. I'll call them gbw's. You mentioned "ordinary" Canadians coming home and turning on the TV (rife with gbw's). You have spoken of going to a movie with your son (corrupting him to see gbw's in action). To protect yourself, please remove all art from the walls of your home and office, throw out any DVD players, Blue-ray machines, TVs. If your son has an i-pod, get rid of it (gbw musicians). Destroy all pottery, stained glass, never go to a festival, avoid bookstores, block all music from your car, read nothing, avoid plays, musicals, concerts.

We are everywhere. And, to avoid gbw's, could you suggest what the tourist industry should recommend people do when they come to Canada, or are they just collateral damage? You have attempted to belittle my life, my work, my community.

Shame on you.
Linda Goranson

3. And, related… from the globe and mail…

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